As per market capitalization, cryptocurrency now a days is also referred to as digital gold. Few of the most popular cryptocurrency includes Bitcoins and its close alternative White Bitcoins (WBTC). Over the years since their inception, the value of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed. Keeping in perspective the volatility of cryptocurrency prices especially White Bitcoins (WBTC) over the years it is predicted that there might be a ten-fold increase in its price in the years to come. This indicates an increase in White Bitcoins (WBTC) prices giving it a four-figure price. With a long-term potential and a plausible financial asset, White Bitcoins…

With such a challenging time, all the investors across the world are looking for the safest investment haven. Traditionally, the best option would have been real estate, bonds or maybe Gold, but with such a disruptive time of covid situation, these investment tools don’t seem to match the investor’s sentiments anymore. For instance, taking about Gold, Gold is a precious metal and has been favored hedge fund for investors. With limited supply, its demand is always high and so is it’s ever increases prices. Another reason, gold is considered safe investment tool is because it is not linked to any…

We are happy to announce that White Bitcoin (WBTC) has successfully completed 3 years with exciting growth and excellent growth in last year, coming 2 to 3 years overgrowth is multiply and White Bitcoin (WBTC) will set a milestone in crypto world. We would say thanks to every investor & holder in WBTC and thanks a lot for believing & trust in White Bitcoin (WBTC) and help us with amazing growth.


1. 2021 we are listing WBTC another three new worldwide exchanges.

2. This birthday month (Feb…

Investing in Cryptocurrencies remains a hot topic of discussion, with many supporting cryptocurrencies and understand it’s future value and few are missing on the opportunity, perceiving cryptocurrency only as a medium to exchange money and not an actual earning source. The truth is that cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing digital assets and there are many different ways through which you can earn money, a few of these ways do not even need investment but you have to put in time and effort. Through this article, we’ll explain a few of these methods which have proven to be effective.


If you are planning to invest in any cryptocurrency in the year 2020, we will help you to select the best one according to your requirement as there are more than 5000 cryptocurrencies trading in the market.

When considering a cryptocurrency to buy, the major option that comes to our mind is the Bitcoin as it is the world’s most famous cryptocurrency. Due to its popularity, it has many advantages over the other options.

But in today’s era, White Bitcoin (WBTC) is also becoming famous as a good trading option.

White Bitcoin (WBTC) is based on Blockchain technology that uses…

A lot of changes in technology have happened in the year 2020, where several investors and traders are adapting to the digital economy. It is extremely important to know the digital system and how it will shape the future. Each and every business is shifting towards making and accepting transactions in a digital form like digital cards, digital payments, etc. Cryptocurrencies are also gaining so much popularity due to effortless transactions, and we cannot ignore that.

Now we will see various factors which will answer the question- Can cryptocurrency be used as a primary source of payment?

Swift transactions- If you want that there should be no interference of banks in the transactions, then cryptocurrencies like White Bitcoin are the perfect option for you. These cryptocurrencies will move your cash around with no transactional lags, and in addition to that, cryptocurrency can be bought or sold without any kind of authorization required from anyone.

Money is saved

White Bitcoin (WBTC) is one of the latest cryptocurrencies which is rapidly gaining popularity as a strong investment tool for its traders to diversify their investments and gain maximize return.

Today we share light on the history of this innovative cryptocurrency to predict its future value. So, as we know all the cryptocurrencies are backed by blockchain technology, the most popular includes bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple and White Bitcoin (WBTC).

White Bitcoin (WBTC) is a digital currency which is backed by bitcoins which is introduced to create liquidity in this decentralized crypto ecosystem.

These White Bitcoins (WBTC) were introduced on a…

White Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency, as we know by now are the virtual currencies that are one of the fastest growing trading tool in terms of ROI. One of the superlative features of this tool is the decentralization of the currency which means all the transactions are made independent of any central authority so, this form of trading is mostly referred as peer to peer trading. Making it the most secure trading option. While there are more than 1600 types of cryptocurrencies available, Bitcoins remain one of the most popular among them. …

Cryptocurrecy, the digital currencies although remain mysterious yet is emerging as ever growing tool of investing and trading. These cryptocurrencies are based on crypto technology which means it is highly encrypted and impossible to break in making it world’s safest form of a digital or online payment system.

One of best feature of most of the cryptocurrency is that no one authority or any governments has any hand in issuing this. Therefore, cryptocurrency, at its core, is immune to governmental manipulation. Diving deep into its features, we see that it is a decentralized form of currency. …

Why Use WhiteBitcoin (WBTC) ?

WhiteBitcoin Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing our understanding of money. WhiteBitcoin does not intend to disrupt how consumers and merchants process the payments. WhiteBitcoin wants to make digital payments easier and convenient around the world. WhiteBitcoin uses blockchain technology to cryptonize the payment process that is familiar to both consumers and merchants. The standard payment process for consumers involves paying for a purchased item using the hard local currency, such as the Euro, Dollar, and Indian Rupee. The usual payments are easier to manage; it is tricky for people to adapt to the cryptocurrency route.

#Fast #Finance…


WhiteBitcoin, is a new worldwide payment system that allows decentralized digital currency transactions.These transactions are not controlled by a single admn

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