We are happy to announce that White Bitcoin (WBTC) has successfully completed 5 years with exciting growth, Coming 2 to 3 years overgrowth is multiply and White Bitcoin (WBTC) will set a milestone in the Crypto world. We would like to say thanks to every investor & holder in WBTC and thanks a lot for believing & trusting in White Bitcoin (WBTC) and helping us with amazing growth.


1. We are very pleased to inform you about the much-awaited launch of the VIP AFFILIATE WALLET — White Bitcoin (WBTC) Website. You can visit the website at the following URL to know about the new and exciting features of the website.

2 We also want to take this opportunity to inform you that the newly updated version of VIP AFFILIATE WALLET — White Bitcoin (WBTC) has been submitted to the google play store so VIP AFFILIATE WALLET — White Bitcoin (WBTC) updated version will available White Bitcoin’s Birthday on the google play store With New and Excellent features.

3 In 2023, We are going to launch a web version of the VIP affiliate mobile app. You can log into the web version by barcode and you can use all the VIP Affiliate Wallet features in APP as well as the website.

4 This Year , White Bitcoin Organization Launch Advance Blockchain the main thought behind introducing White Bitcoins to the crypto circulation was to reduce excessive pressure for Bitcoin transactions on the Blockchain Network. This allows the WhiteBitcoin(WBTC) to be transferred on decentralized exchanges and allows WBTC cryptocurrency to launch its alternative blockchain in the future, which would help reduce bitcoin transaction fees and time. In this alternative blockchain, you can transfer bitcoin from one blockchain to another blockchain without a bitcoin fee deduction, a small fee will deduct from the WBTC. Thus, this unique amalgamation of the two best things has opened many opportunities for the people.

5 This Year, White Bitcoin Organization is doing the hard fork of White Bitcoin which will enable the White Bitcoin Organizations to extend to greater heights.

6. 2023 we are listing WBTC another new worldwide exchanges.

7. Coming Years White Bitcoin (WBTC) organization working on web3 metaverse technology & Preparing to distribute dividends for a long time with new coins.

8. White Bitcoin is about to create a new milestone in the cryptocurrency world in the coming times with new technology and with lots of new updates in a VIP Affiliate Wallet.

We want to assure all of you that White Bitcoin (WBTC) will be the highest growth cryptocurrency in the crypto world in the coming times.




WhiteBitcoin, is a new worldwide payment system that allows decentralized digital currency transactions.These transactions are not controlled by a single admn